The Belt and Road Podcast

Lucille Greer on China's Various Engagements in the Middle East

November 29, 2020 Erik Myxter-iino and Juliet Lu Episode 37
The Belt and Road Podcast
Lucille Greer on China's Various Engagements in the Middle East
Show Notes

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region is vitally important to China, particularly as a source of oil but also increasingly as a staging ground for China's forays into global politics. Lucille Greer (@Lucille_Greer_), an expert on China-MENA relations, sheds light on a range of topics from the role of Xinjiang in China's Islamic world relations to the 'strategic alliance' between China and Iran.

Lucille has written extensively on the topic, see for example,
- "Last Among Equals: The China-Iran Partnership in a Regional Context,"
- "Solidarity and Strain: China and the Middle East During COVID-19,"
- "The Chinese Islamic Association in the Arab World: the Use of Islamic Soft Power in Promoting Silence on Xinjiang,"
- "The Chinese Piece in Iran's War Games," and
- "China's Bet on Assad: The Lucrative and Risky Business of Postwar Reconstruction."

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